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What do NBA players, hip hop stars and A-list celebrities have in common? Their secret source for custom diamond and gold bling – St. Vincent Jewelry, glam capital of Los Angeles and the largest jewelry collective in the world.


We invite you to join these celebrities and experience a St. Vincent glam adventure of your own. Bring your social media team and show off the world’s most dazzling red carpet, paparazzi-worthy diamond bling.

  • 500 glamtastic independent jewelers with dizzying arrays of diamonds, precious gems, engagement rings, gold bling, pearls, and watches plus one-of-a-kind vintage treasures.
  • St. Vincent Jewelry is in a historic building in the heart of downtown LA’s Jewelry District.
  • Behind St. Vincent Jewelry is one of LA’s secret gems—St. Vincent Court, a picturesque alleyway of Euro-quaint storefronts and cobbled brick, brimming with cafes and coffee bars — a camera-ready urban treasure.

Ready to play? Join us at St. Vincent Jewelry — get your glam on, rock your bling and show your followers how you roll.

Wrap Up Your Holiday Shopping with Sarah Dandashy!

Sarah is the concierge at one of L.A.’s leading hotels and shares her insider scoop on the best glam in town.

Luxury Jewelry Shopping with Brandi Marie King!

Join Brandi Marie King as she shops for last minute glam pieces and gifts at St. Vincent Jewelry in downtown Los Angeles.

Heather Booker Proves Diamonds are a Mom’s Best Friend!

Get your #MomGlam on! Heather Booker, the actress and comedian behind the motherinhollywood Instagram account certainly did when she visited St. Vincent Jewelry.

Ava Capra sparkles from a day of DTLA GLAM!

Ava brought LA Fashion Magazine with her to St. Vincent Jewelry in Downtown Los Angeles for a day of pure #glam pampering!

Cyndee Black and Åsmund get Wedding Rings

How exciting was it when beauty guru sensation Cyndee Black and her boyfriend Asmund eloped?! They even did it without proper wedding rings!

Discover Where Zita Vass Scores Her Best Glam!

Join Guess model and actress Zita Vass at St. Vincent Jewelry in the heart of the downtown Los Angeles Jewelry District.

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