Cindy Montanez

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Los Angeles is a sparkling nexus of innovation and impact. St. Vincent Jewelry Center’s Gems of LA recognizes brilliant women in our community who are at the forefront of social change. Collectively, these true LA Gems elevate the lives of millions of Angelenos, as they shine as bright as the bling they model for St. Vincent Jewelry.


Meet LA Gem and TreePeople CEO Cindy Montañez. Cindy’s passion for social justice and improving life for the people of Los Angeles led her to become TreePeople’s CEO. Like TreePeople, her goal was to bring together communities from South LA to the San Fernando to restore urban forests and make LA the healthiest, most vibrant and climate-resilient city in the world.

As extreme weather events like fires, droughts, and floods take their toll on our city’s tree canopy, TreePeople’s mission to inspire, engage, and encourage Angelenos to take personal responsibility for the urban environment has become all the more urgent. TreePeople is located in a 400-plus acre park in the Santa Monica Mountains and manages 45 acres where students from Southland communities attend eco-tours. Adults enroll in workshops where they learn how to create fire-resilient landscaping and plant sustainable gardens. And, hikers soak up the park’s natural beauty while more and more people answer the call to become a Tree Person — committed to organizing neighborhood tree planting events for a healthier, greener, more sustainable Los Angeles.


Click here to learn more about TreePeople’s efforts to make Los Angeles a cleaner, healthier, more climate resilient city.

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