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Los Angeles is a sparkling nexus of innovation and impact. St. Vincent Jewelry Center’s Gems of LA recognizes brilliant women in our community who are at the forefront of social change. The efforts of these true LA Gems make a positive difference, as they shine as bright as the bling they model for St. Vincent Jewelry.


Meet LA Gem, Clare Fox, executive director of The Los Angeles Food Policy Council (LAFPC). Clare and her team believe that everyone in Los Angeles deserves access to good healthy food, grown in a way that respects people and the planet.


Across Los Angeles, many low-income neighborhoods and communities of color lack sufficient grocery stores, farmer’s markets, and healthy restaurant options resulting in food deserts, where fast food, junk food, and liquor stores proliferate. Many of these communities contain three times as many small markets than affluent white neighborhoods and fewer options for a healthy diet. LAFPC’s Healthy Neighborhood Market Network program empowers small business owners to bring good food to their communities by providing healthy food access.

Storeowners receive training, guidance, and upgrades to their stores, transforming their shops into beacons of nutritious, affordable food for community vitality and economic development.


Another of LAFPC’s standout successes is a policy that ensures that all Los Angeles farmer’s markets accept food stamps as a form of payment. The organization also passed the Urban Agriculture Incentive Zone policy that opens up vacant lots for community gardeners and urban farmers, so they can have longer tenure and bring good food into their neighborhood.


Clare and LAFPC also partner with high-profile LA chefs like Roy Choi and Mary Sue Milliken, who use their platform to advocate for local, sustainable, and fair food.


Click here to learn more about The Los Angeles Food Policy Council’s efforts to make healthy food more readily available across the Southland.

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